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This instructional document serves to inform about the process of completing the SEED Evaluator, the formal application tool for pursuing SEED Certification and other SEED related opportunities. Facilitating effective design development through a community-centered participatory process that focuses on the SEED mission and principles can be complex. These instructions address this concern and provide a framework for project planning - understanding how meeting project needs through sustainable outcomes aligned with social, economic and environmental goals can achieve specific SEED performance measurements. Because SEED Certification engages an evaluation process, the tools and activities outlined here are intended to be practical, easy to use guidelines. SEED's founding principles promote transparency and inclusive participation, specifically from community members, at all stages of project development. As such, these guidelines are designed to employ active participation in a way that does not complicate or overly burden a project's existing requirements. Demystifying the process and highlighting the quality of the project's content through the format of the SEED Evaluator is the goal in providing these detailed instructions. Examples, definitions, case studies and scenarios are provided to help shape the project reporting and refine the type of responses and applications submitted for each criterion in the Evaluator.

The SEED Evaluator 3.0

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SEED Evaluator and Certification Instructions 3.0

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